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Tanya P. Artist + Coach


Artist + CoachMontreal, QC

Ozro H. Confidence Coach


Confidence CoachLos Angeles, CA

Kinga G. Food Alchemist 


Food AlchemistLos Angeles, CA

"My favorite part about working with Bianca is her healing. Bianca is the Queen of healers. She understands the divine feminine energy. She supports you to fully embody your greatness and release any fear that is stopping you from moving forward."​​​​​​​

​​​​​​“Before working with Bianca I had a lack of clarity. Since our session together I have more confidence in myself, and inner peace and knowing that I’m not alone. Now I feel stronger and more determined to accomplish my goals. My favorite part about working with her is feeling her energy like she was close to me. If you’re thinking about working with her go for it! You are gonna get to the place you want to be- faster and with much more fun!”

"Bianca has an uncanny gift of seeing things in a way that help you cut right to the heart of the problem. From there, if you're open to it, she then helps you release said blocks. And trust me, once those blocks are gone, so many other things will start to fall into place. Prior to working with Bianca, one of my biggest challenges was being able to tap into my own feelings and clearly articulate my wants and desires to myself, let alone others. Three benefits I've experienced since working with Bianca are 1) Acknowledgement and acceptance of my own feelings and emotions. 2) The ability to show up in a more authentic and natural way, minus the armor. 3) Developed the ability to turn into my past-self and forgive any mistakes I've made."​​​​​​​