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...like launch your Big-Hearted Biz-- if that’s what lights you up like an 80th birthday cake...

with 80 lit candles on top!


P.S. I couldn't find a picture of a cake with 80 candles...

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1:1 Intuitive Coaching

Guidance + Support

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Artist  + Singer

"Before working with Bianca I was feeling very empty. As if a part of me was missing. I also felt overwhelmed by grief and I felt stuck without a clear direction. Working with Bianca has allowed me to deal with my grief but also move on from it, instead of dwelling on the sadness. I’ve also learned how to love myself more fully and feel complete within myself. The best lesson has been learning to trust and deal with issues on my own while also feeling supported.

My favorite part about working with Bianca is how there is never any type of judgment. I also enjoy the full feeling of understanding I receive, it makes me feel less alone in anything I am going through. I appreciate the support very much. I've spent my whole life going through different therapists and counselors and no one has ever been able to help me as proactively as Bianca has.

The pure understanding and support I feel from her has made an exponential difference. I think the best thing about her (or one of the best things) is that even if she hasn’t gone through it herself she is able to connect so deeply that she is guided towards giving you the best response and help possible. She is an angel and anyone would be lucky to have her."

"Before working with Bianca I had abandonment issues, I wasn't feeling loved or confident. Now, I like myself ( I didn’t before), I'm charging more money for my services, I have more confidence and energy, and I'm finding myself in more positive environments with positive people. She uses her creative wit and humor to personalize the experience in a way that made it “lighter” and not so overwhelming. Bianca can help you learn how to reach your full potential in all aspects of your life. She helped me to understand many things about myself that had always been a mystery."​​​​​​​




Women's Empowerment Coach 

"Prior to working with Bianca, I was trying to start my business but I had a lack of clarity on where I wanted to go and a lot of anxiety and fear. It was like I was a boat out at sea in a storm and it was scary because I couldn’t move. At times I felt like I was jumping out of my skin! I wasn’t making a lot of progress in getting clients and I lacked the confidence of being an entrepreneur. I had never built a business before. Working with Bianca has allowed me to experience growing clarity and creativity about my business.


​​​​​​​I’m actually able to move forward now and go through uncomfortable feelings because I have help moving through the blocks that come up. I’ve been able to show up for myself, feel like I’m doing well instead of feeling like I’m not doing enough, and I’m expanding faster- more inner up-leveling!

It's so powerful to have somebody there by your side to do this inner work. Working with Bianca has reminded me that, yes, this is why what I’m doing now, and what I’m stepping into doing, is so valuable. I love the spiritual energy aspect of working with Bianca. It's totally in alignment with what I believe in. She has this magical ability to tune in and look beyond the veil. She’s loving, joyful, and easy to joke around with so it feels fun. Yet, I also feel that she has an intention and there is a path. She’s steering everything with purpose and with a goal in mind. You will love working with Bianca. She’s warm, supportive, fun, intuitive, spiritual, an energy healer, smart,  empathetic, and collaborative both with personal and business life. She will make it easier to take the leap because you’ll feel held and supported by her as your guide by your side."​​​​​​​

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  • x2 (Two) Private sessions each month @ 90 minutes each (Zoom or Phone)
  • Ongoing Monthly intuitive guidance + integration support via Voxer 
  • Bonus: 3-hour power session to skyrocket your success in the program 
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